The Changing Ways of Businesses


Finding New Customers at Trade Shows

Small businesses often want to grow and expand. They often grow when they attract new customers. Sometimes they accomplish this task by offering existing customers new products or services. There are times when a small business will confine its products to a niche market. This allows them to continue to produce quality items for a fair price. The company must attract new customers if it is to continue growing. Trade shows are one of the standard ways companies have spent their sales budgets to expand sales and gain market share.

Trade shows are held for a variety of reasons. Some are for the general public and others are by invitation only. Industry trade shows are often not open to the public. The vendors at these shows are seeking serious customers who will make major purchases. Commercial selling is quite different from retail. The orders are for hundreds or thousands of units rather than one or two. A potential customer will have the means to ensure a company makes a profit all during the year.

Commercial trade shows are coordinated affairs set up by trade show organizers. There are sales people who book booth space for the show. They are responsible for finding vendors who fit the parameters of the invited guests. Their job is to ensure the guests will find vendors selling items their company needs. Once a vendor has been sold a space, they must be given move in dates and information on the show. Sales people generally have an information packet made for each show with important vendor details.

Show organizers are responsible for ensuring buyers are invited to attend a commercial trade show. One of the ways booth space is sold is on the number of industry buyers attending the event. It is the work of the organizers to contact companies within the show's industry and provide incentives for attendance. Each commercial trade show is measured for success or failure by the number of invited guests that attend and how much they purchase from the vendors. Organizers, buyers and vendors are all happy when a trade show is successful.